Families and Groups




The main objective of senior pictures is to capture YOU.  They are all about your style, tastes, and interests.  

A typical senior session includes both on-location outdoor photos and studio portraits.  I typically shoot 3-5 outfits.  When it comes to clothing bring a variety of your favorite outfits and don't forget accessories (i.e. jewelry, belts, hats, etc).   

Before the session we'll chat about your preferences for the feel and style of your pictures.  Do you prefer a country-style setting, an urban setting, or some other place that is special to you?  We will also discuss any activities or interests you want to showcase during your senior portraits and find a way to incorporate those into the photos. 

Some Details: 

Remember to bring your class ring if you have one. 

Spend some time thinking about your outfits, coordinating accessories, and/or props and have them ready the night before.  Remember to have some formal and some casual options.

Ladies, feel free to bring your prom dress if you like!



Is your child sweet and quiet, bubbly and energetic, or serious and sincere?  Every child is different and I want to know about your kiddo before starting a session.  What is the most endearing look your child has that you want to capture?  Is it that big toothy smile or that serious, thoughtful look?  Of course we want to get a myriad of expressions but I want your pictures to be special to you and capture your child in this moment.

During your child's first year I recommend the following sessions: Newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 1 year.  If you desire we can do a "growing up" photo at each session meaning we will have the child in the same setting (i.e. on the same chair, with the same hat, etc) at each age, showcasing your baby's first year and how they have changed! 

Ages 2 and 3 are perfect for capturing your child's many moods and attitudes!  I focus on expressions and natural poses during play. 

Ages 4 and 5 lend themselves well to capturing your child's personality, milestones, and passions.  Does your child have a favorite sport or activity you want to showcase?  Do you have a favorite attitude you want to capture?  Children at this age are more likely to have fun posing and putting on a show, allowing sessions to be fun, cute, and telling!

For those kiddos that are in school we again, can focus on interests or sports they enjoy.  My sessions are prefect for parents who want a school-age picture (without the generic posed look) that showcases your child at an affordable rate!

Some Details:

The best time of day to shoot outdoors is in the evening.  Consider this when planning the rest of your day before pictures, keeping your kids happy and relaxed. 

Please feel free to change your kids into their picture clothes after arriving to the session.  I typically shoot 2-3 outfits. 

Children photograph best in simple clothing so as to not overpower their charming, delicate features.  Whites and pastels are classic choices.  If you prefer, bring some fun pieces of "flare" along too! 

Your kids are their cutest when they're relaxed, and they are relaxed when you are, so plan to have fun and they will too!



It is best to schedule newborns sessions before he or she has even arrived.  The best newborn photos (with that "sleepy" pose-able look) are done between days 5 and 10.  If you can book before baby is born we'll have a chance to chat about your style and color preferences.  If your delivery will be unscheduled we'll book the session and decide on an exact date after the birth.  I have several props for babies but I am also open to any special props, blankets, or items you may want to include.  As with all of my sessions, I want the pictures to reflect your style and preferences.    

Some Details:

Newborn sessions are relaxed and typically take 2 to 3 hours.  We shoot on baby's schedule!

It is best to wait to feed your baby until arriving at the session so he or she will be more likely to fall asleep and be happy.

Try to avoid pulling the tabs on your baby's diaper tight the day of the session. 

The goal of the session is typically to capture your baby and his or her newborn features (i.e. wrinkles, cute bottoms, feet, etc).  However, feel free to bring a favorite outfit.

We will focus on pictures of your baby but I also love to capture some close-ups with mommy, daddy, and any siblings if baby is up for it!


Family and Group Photos

Families are my passion.  During these sessions, I want to showcase the family personality.  I will shoot some formal pictures, some fun pictures, and many candid photos.  I love to shoot different combinations of family members (i.e. daddy and kids, mommy and kids, just mommy and daddy, just kids etc) as well as the entire family together.

We'll take LOTS of pictures to ensure we get shots where everyone is looking with eyes open and we'll have fun doing it!

Some Details:

Clothing consideration is especially important in large groups.  Dressing in coordinating colors give the portrait a sense of "belonging." 

It is important to avoid having some people in dark colors and others in light.  This prevents one person from appearing more dominant or too washed-out. 

Avoiding words or numbers on clothing is ideal so the focus of the portrait remains on the people in the group, not the clothing!


Maternity Sessions

Baby bellies are a blast because the session can go just about anywhere you want.  The session can range from the nursery to the railroad or anywhere in between.  We can create a vibe from fun to intimate and back again!  We'll discuss the style you want and make it happen.  While that baby is still inside, it's pretty easy to get the exact picture you want!

Be sure to schedule your session in advance so you can hit that "perfect" week!  It is best to schedule your session when you are most comfortable with your belly.  In other words you want to look plenty pregnant but not be to the point that you are completely uncomfortable!  This is different for every woman but sometime in the 30-34 week mark is usually a good time.